Do Venetian Blinds Give You Flexible Light and Privacy Control?

15 February 2019
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All blinds give you control over the light that comes into your home and the privacy you have in it. However, some blinds are better at doing this than others. If you're looking to get a lot of flexibility from your indoor blinds, then Venetian blinds are worth looking at. Why?

Sophisticated Light Control

Some blinds have basic positions. They open and close to varying degrees to shade your windows.

Venetian blinds give you more control over how much light comes into your rooms at any given time. If you want to block out all light, you close the blinds down completely; if you want to let as much light in as possible, you open them right up. You can even open the blinds partway to cut out some sun but not all light.

In addition, you can also use the blades on Venetians to control light when the blinds are down. If it's really sunny outside, you don't have to sit in a dark room with the blinds down. You can open the blades partway to let some light in.

Venetian blinds don't let unadulterated sunlight come in from their blades when they are partly open. The blinds give you more of a diffused light as the blades block out some of the sun. They also reduce glare, and you can tweak blade positions to adjust them as the sun moves and changes.

Better Privacy Controls

If you need your blinds to give you privacy as well as sun protection, then Venetian blinds have some advantages. Obviously, when they are down and their blades are closed, you get complete privacy.

The problem with this is that you are private in a darkened room. You have to accept that you cannot be seen from the outside of your home when you want to block out all light. While this is a good option at certain times of the day, say at night, it's not so good during the day and early evening.

Again, Venetian blinds have a solution to this problem. You can have the blinds down but open their blades slightly. This allows light to come into the room, but you still get some privacy. People may be able to see into your home a little, but the blinds' blades block out a lot of the view.

Your indoor blinds supplier can tell you more about the reasons why people use Venetian blinds. They can also show you examples of designs and colours.