4 Types Of Roller Shutters You Should Consider Installing, And Their Benefits

22 February 2019
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Roller shutters are perfect for use in both windows and doors. The shutters are very versatile, and you can use them in your home as well as in commercial premises. With the installation of roller shutters, you enjoy several benefits, primarily enhanced security.

Apart from improved security, there are some other benefits to having roller shutters. To fully maximise these benefits, you may need to invest in special types of roller shutters which include the following:

1. Automatic Roller Shutters

If you are particularly keen on enjoying some convenience when it comes to operating your roller shutters, then you should invest in automatic units. These shutters are motorised and getting them to open and close is as easy as just pressing a button on a remote controller or opener. You will use no muscle power. The automatic operation is perfect for bigger roller shutters that may prove too cumbersome to lift manually.

2. Insulated Roller Shutters

Did you know that you can reduce how much you spend on energy bills by investing in insulated roller shutters? Well, you can. The layer of insulation in the construction of these shutters will help to keep your spaces warmer in the winter and cooler during hot summer days, reducing how much work your HVAC unit has to do.

3. Acoustic/Sound Proof Roller Shutters

Insulated roller shutters also help in noise control. Acoustic shutters, on the other hand, are designed with noise control as a primary consideration, and that is why they are the best choice for spaces that are noise sensitive. You can enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay because the roller shutters will block out most of the noise from the outside. Double-walled soundproof shutters offer excellent performance in noise control and reduction.

4. Fire-Rated Roller Shutters

Your roller shutters should be able to protect you not just from the natural elements and burglars, but also protect you in the event of a fire. Fire-rated shutters have superior heat and flame-resistant properties.

On account of these properties, you can rest assured that you will be protected if a fire breaks out. Because the flames won't spread as fast, you will have enough time to evacuate and, if you act fast enough, save some of your property.

As outlined, each of these types of roller shutters comes with its own added benefits. Considering which of these benefits you need the most should guide you in choosing the right shutters for your home or business.