Why Install Panel Glides on Your Office Partitions?

20 March 2019
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Glass partitions give you an easy way to divide up your office space without losing light or visibility. However, if you've used partitions to build individual offices on your floor, then this visibility can be a disadvantage. You may need a little more privacy in some areas at certain times, but you don't want to lose light. How can panel glides help?

Instant Privacy

If you're having a confidential or difficult meeting, such as a disciplinary hearing, then glass partitions don't give you any privacy. Everyone in your office can see into your room and watch what is going on. Your staff may work out what is going on in a meeting that you wanted to keep confidential. Or, they may speculate about it. In either case, you won't have any privacy.

Panel glides give you an easy turn-on-turn-off privacy solution. If you need to be discreet or confidential, then you simply close the glides. People won't be able to see what is going on in your office.

Less Light Loss

Panel glides aren't the only way to boost glass partition privacy. You can put up regular blinds, like venetians. However, while these blinds make things private, they may also block out some of your everyday light. For example, if you have fixed venetians on your partitions, then they are always there. You can close their blades to close off the view into the room, but even when they are open, you'll get less light coming in.

Panel glides slide to open and close. So, if you don't need to screen off the room, you can slide the blinds completely open, letting in as much natural light as possible.

A Neater Look

While you can roll up some blinds, like regular venetians and roller blinds, to let more light into a partitioned office, these blinds sometimes look a bit untidy when they're up. They may hang down unevenly; it can be tricky to get multiple blinds lined up at the same level so they look tidy.

Panel glides don't have this problem. They slide away quickly and neatly to the side of a partition's glass. This looks neater and tidier.

If you think that panel glides will be a good addition to your office partitions, then talk to your company's interior designer. They can tell you more about how these blinds work and help you choose the right colours and materials for your partitions.