4 Reasons to Opt for Custom-Made Curtains

27 March 2019
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In every room of your house, you can agree that windows serve two purposes; for light entry and beautification. Windows without any treatment are basically glass with wooden or metal frames. Therefore, treating your windows adds elegance and beauty to your interior space.

Choosing custom-made curtains enables you to have a variety of colors and design. In addition, you're able to get just the right curtain size for your window, as you have time to measure and fit accordingly. These are just some of the few benefits you may accrue by opting for custom-made curtains. 

1. Unique and Creative Custom-made curtains are uniquely designed for specific windows and rooms according to your description. Just as you selected you wall paint, artwork and furniture for your interiors, you can as well select your preferred fabric, design and curtain colors for your windows. With custom-made curtains, you're not held down to specific designs, but you have a chance to give your interiors a personal touch. Also, you have the chances of mixing designs and fabrics to give out perfect and unique curtains for your home.

2. High-Quality You may not be pleased with the quality of off-rack curtains due to their poor design and choice of fabric. However, with a custom-made curtain, you have the option of selecting premium quality curtains for your house. Just like selecting a fabric for your sofa sets, you can choose the type of fabric, color and design you'll want each room to have.

3. Functionality Are you looking for curtains that can allow light to your house or curtains that can give you warmth during cold days and still cool your house during the hot seasons while maintain your privacy? Curtains are designed depending on their functionality. Some come with multiple functionalities to ensure smooth transitions between seasons. The type of lining you select will greatly determine the functionality of your curtain and they include acoustic, thermal, standard, interlining and blackout. Though they are available ready-made, it's hard to find a curtain and lining that you prefer matching together. However, by custom making your curtains, you have the opportunity of choosing a curtain and lining of your own choosing.

4. Accessories With custom-made curtains, you can comfortably include accessories in the design process, reducing the stress of altering already existing curtains. Accessories such as curtain swags, pelmets and valance will increase the appearance of your curtain.

For better custom-made curtains that match your design, make sure to contact a qualified and experienced interior designer who specialises with window treatments. Custom-made curtains won't let you settle for less, as you'll be in control all the time.