Cleaning Mildew Off Your Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

27 March 2019
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Bamboo outdoor blinds have grown in popularity due to their outstanding features; they are easy to maintain, durable and inexpensive. These blinds have outstanding aesthetic qualities and the shade they offer is very convenient. However, if you have installed bamboo blinds outdoors, special attention must be provided; the humid and warm weather can make mildew grow on the blinds.

So, how can you clean mildew off your bamboo blinds? Well, there are several cleaning options you can consider. You can either wash the blinds with bicarbonate soda or with soap, vegetable oil and salt. However, mildew can be removed well when it's washed with either chlorine or bleach. Then, an antifungal should be sprayed on the blinds to prevent the growth of mildew. Below are basic steps to follow provided you have chlorine or bleach, water, antifungal spray, two old rags or cloths and safety clothing and gloves.

Dismantle the blinds

Dismantle your bamboo blinds carefully to avoid damaging them. Don't forget to pay close attention to how they were installed so you can put them back easily.

Prepare the soaking solution

Take one part of chlorine or bleach and two parts of water (warm) and prepare a solution in the bath. Ensure you wear your safety clothing to avoid injuries, accidents or allergies. Ensure the solution is thoroughly mixed before placing the blinds in.

Immerse the blinds

Dip your bamboo blinds in the solution and agitate them to ensure each part of them is in contact with this solution. Allow them to soak for a few minutes; this helps remove any stubborn mildew more efficiently.

Clean the blinds

Once the soaking duration lapses, remove the blinds from the solution. Take a clean, damp cloth and start wiping the blinds meticulously to eliminate all the visible stains. Note that some stains are persistent, so you might need to repeatedly clean some areas severally.

Dry the blinds

Immediately you achieve the desired look, use a dry cloth to wipe the blinds dry. If it's a sunny day, consider placing the blinds outdoors so they can dry well.

Apply the antifungal spray

To ensure your bamboo outdoor blinds don't grow mildew easily, consider applying some antifungal spray. All areas must be sprayed for better protection against another fungus outburst. If you live in an environment that's constantly humid, be sure to redo the antifungal spray treatment once a month.

Make sure you don't fold wet blinds or rush the cleaning procedure. Follow the outlined steps carefully to get quality results.