How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Day Care

11 June 2019
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Blinds are a great choice of window covering for day care facilities. Blinds preserve the privacy of your children and make it easy to let natural light in during active time while keeping it out during naptime. Of course, as with all furnishings and accents in your day care, it's crucial that you choose the safest and most effective blinds available. Here are two factors to consider when you're shopping for blinds.

Always Go Cordless

Without a doubt, safety is the most important factor to consider when purchasing anything for your day care. Often, the young children you look after are at the age where they're freely mobile and can interact with most of their environment, but they're also at the age where they don't yet know how to interact with it safely. That's why it's best to always opt for cordless blinds.

Children getting tangled in blind cords is a real risk. Thousands of children worldwide have been injured by them, with injuries ranging from broken limbs to strangulation. Tragically, this is sometimes even fatal, with 1 to 2 children in Australia dying from blind cord suffocation every year. Cordless blinds, which can be either electrically operated or spring operated, eliminate this hazard, so you don't need to worry about your children getting injured.

Opt for Vertical or Venetian

Fabric roller blinds are a great choice for many environments, but they're not necessarily ideal for a day care. In most day cares, there are two main reasons to use blinds: light control and privacy. Roller blinds are a great option for light control, particularly when using blackout blinds to block light out as much as possible. However, they're not ideal for areas you want to shield from prying eyes. When roller blinds are open, people outside can see straight through your day care's windows.

With Venetian and vertical blinds, on the other hand, you can angle the slats to bring plenty of natural light into the room while still preventing a clear line of sight into your day care. This is a great safeguarding measure, preventing any unsafe individuals from looking in and getting an idea of your children's whereabouts and activities.

Choose Easily Cleaned Materials

Like all furnishings, blinds will accumulate a lot of dust over time If they're not cleaned regularly. Dust drastically lowers your indoor air quality, which can cause the children you're looking after to cough, sneeze, suffer eye irritation and even end up with more serious respiratory complications.

When choosing your blinds, opt for PVC, metal or sealed wood. Unsealed wood slats and fabric slats may look great, but you'll have a hard time keeping them clean. Non-porous and sealed materials, on the other hand, are very easy to wipe down every other day with a damp cloth.