Roller Blind Options for the Home

21 April 2021
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If you're researching which window coverings to install in your home, you would have come across roller blinds. They'll insulate your home, filter the light and provide privacy. One thing common to all roller blinds is that they work on a rolling mechanism. However, besides that, the options vary dramatically. To find out what's available, read on.

Material Options

These blinds can use block out material to darken a room completely, or they can use other light-filtering and sun-screening fabrics. Consider the effects you want to achieve from the coverings. A light filter blind softens the incoming light and reduces glare. A sunscreen blind blocks UV rays to preserve your furniture while maintaining a clearer outside view. If you want to enjoy a beautiful garden or scenic vista, you might be best with the sunscreen fabric option.

Decor Choices

You've probably seen roller blinds in a variety of colours, including cream, beige and navy, to name a few. However, the offerings are far greater than that. You can install blinds with designs of flowers, geometric patterns and many other themes. You can also embellish the bottom of the blind with a scalloped or zigzag edge. At the top, you can choose various style pelmets.

Bonded blinds consist of a blind with fabric stuck on top to give the window coverings an ultra-lush feel, ideal for a bedroom or dining room. You can choose a roller blind style to match a minimalist decor or a design more in keeping with a traditional space. You can also create a cheap and cheerful look with a bright, floral kitchen blind. Thus, no matter what look you're trying to create, you'll find suitable roller blinds.

Operation Alternatives

You can also select between different operating mechanisms for roller blinds. For example, spring-loaded models require a slight tug on the bottom. Alternatively, you could install blinds with a chain operating mechanism, which you wind up and down by pulling the chain. For extra convenience, you could install automated blinds that move at the push of a button. These systems increase the convenience of the coverings. Some windows are hard to access as they're behind furniture or placed high on the wall, and remote operation will allow you to adjust these blinds without strain.

Double Roller Blinds

Another possibility to consider is a double roller blind. These have dual blinds on the one mechanism, which doubles your options for controlling light and privacy. These models allow you to pull down one shade and not the other. For example, install a blockout and a sunscreen blind to cater for your needs night and day. Pull down the blockout blind during the evening, and draw the sunscreen blind during the day.