Two interior design tips that could help you with your kitchen renovations

15 March 2022
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Here are some interior design tips that could help you with your kitchen renovations.

Select the kitchen's focal point before choosing the layout for the new kitchen features

Before you decide where to position any new cabinets, large appliances, shelves or other new kitchen features, you should decide on its focal point. The reason for this is that when after you've decided what the focal point will be, your renovation contractor can then come up with a layout for the new kitchen features that ensures that this focal point is accentuated.

For example, if you've purchased a retro pastel blue cooker that you find beautiful and you want this appliance to be the focal point, the contractor might suggest installing the cooker directly across from the kitchen window, or directly underneath the window (depending on the size of the space) so that the sunlight will shine onto this gorgeous cooker and accentuate its colour and lovely features every day.

The decision to put the cooker in a particular spot can then inform the other decisions you have to make regarding the layout of the new features. For instance, if you're having a built-in bench and dining table constructed for the kitchen, you might decide to have the contractor build this at the opposite end of the kitchen to the cooker; this would ensure that this other striking feature doesn't take attention away from the cooker and, on a practical note, will ensure that the heat and any oil splatters that are produced whilst people are using the cooker doesn't make this seating area uncomfortable to sit in.

Choose hardware for the kitchen that is similar in some way to its focal point

If you're updating the kitchen hardware, you should try to ensure that it's similar in some way to the focal point. For example, if the retro cooker has brass knobs with a satin finish, then you might want to order brass handles for the new kitchen cabinets, as well as a brass faucet for the sink and perhaps some brass brackets for any shelves that you're going to have the renovation contractor install, that also has a satin finish.

Having this hardware dotted around the kitchen will not only highlight the cooker's pretty brass knobs but will also ensure that this focal point stands out, but doesn't look out of place, as at least one aspect of it will match other elements of the new kitchen.

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